The Amadeus Piano Competition represents tradition joined with a contemporary perception end feeling of the world, both interconnecting and inspiring each other. Let's imagine the atmosphere of the Christmas holidays in the year of 1767 - no television, Wi-Fi, cars, telephones, light bulbs... Just a peaceful day, snowflakes quietly falling on the pavements and houses of Zelný trh marketplace in Brno, where in the Reduta concert hall little Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart will come to play the piano at any moment. How many words about his talent and art the audience has already heard! People fill the concert hall and excitedly await the arrival of the little genius. He is said to be a sun!

More than 250 years from that moment, we know how profoundly he influenced music and the development of hundreds of thousands of smaller and larger piano artists who fell in love with his music. Although physically he is no longer with us, the light he inserted into his own compositions still gives smiles and hope to all who find enjoyment in his music. It is no different for small and young pianists from different countries of the world, who flock like swallows to Brno - the Moravian metropolis - where pianists and piano teachers come for concerts, top-level education, but also for good mood, traditional Moravian culture and hospitality. I wish everyone that their visit to the Amadeus piano competition in Brno will be a pleasant experience and a place where they will establish musical friendships that often last well after the competition ends. 

Let the concert hall, the piano and the history of the place inspire the best performances. Everyone who comes and plays becomes part of our big musical family - a family that loves piano compositions from the classical period and understands each other regardless of language and nationality. Because, as they say: "Music begins where words end".

Vladimír Halíček

director of competition