The AMADEUS International Mozartian Contest for young pianists aged up to 15 was established to pay tribute to the ingenious composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who performed in the hall of the Brno Reduta in his age of 11 on December 30th, 1767.

The following institutions take part in the performance of the Contest

Parnas, občanské sdružení (Parnas, Civil Association)
Basic School of Arts, Brno, Veveří 133

The objective of the Contest shall be the presentation and support of young gifted pianists, presentation of various teaching method forms and interpretative schools.

Contest organization

The Jury

The Chairman of the Jury shall be nominated by the Contest Preparatory Committee.
Other Jury members shall also be nominated by the Contest Preparatory Committee, on the basis of a recommendation of and consultation with the Chairman of the Jury.
The Jury shall consist of five members and shall comprise prominent Czech and foreign educators and interprets.
The position of the Jury secretary shall be performed by a teacher of the organizing Basic School of Arts.
The proceedings of the Jury shall be presided by its Chairman.

The Jury members shall evaluate individual performances by awarding points:
1–10 points poor performance
11–15 points good performance
16–20 points very good performance
21–25 points excellent performance

Within the five-member jury the highest or lowest award shall be cancelled and a mean value shall be calculated from the remaining sum.
Upon the completion of every category the Jury will evaluate the performances and will determine the ranks of the contestants.

Where a contestant is a pupil of one of the Jury members, such member shall neither award such a contest ant, nor take part in a discussion about him/her.

In the respective categories the Jury shall award:
1st rank
2nd rank
3rd rank
Certificate of Merit.

The award holders shall obtain the title of the Contest’s Laureate.
Upon the Jury’s proposal the awards may be shared.
A certain award need not be awarded.

Special awards:
South Moravian Region Governor’s Award for the absolute Contest winner
The absolute contest winner will also be provided the offer to perform in a concert with the Brno Filharmonic orchestra.
Mayor of the City of Brno Award for the best interpretation of a W. A. Mozart’s composition Mayor of the Brno – Central district Award for the best contestant living in Brno.

Furthermore, the Jury may award other special awards:
The best Czech contestant
The best Brno contestant
Special award of the Jury for the best performance in the categories I to III.
The special awards cannot be shared.
Decisions of the Jury shall be final.

The award holders shall receive diplom as and material prizes.

The Jury may provide special awards to educators for a successful preparation of their pupils.
Decisions of the Jury shall be final.

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