November 30. – December 2. 2023, Brno

30. International Mozart Competition for young pianists up to 15 years

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Come to the Amadeus piano competition

Besední dům, Brno

Inspiring environment

The competition takes place in the Besední dům, the headquarters of the Brno Philharmonic.

You will visit Brno – the city of music, architecture, cafes, students and good food.

Renowned piano competition

The competition jury is composed of outstanding world pianists. We focus exclusively on the classicist repertoire.

The winners will receive material and financial prizes worth up to CZK 65,000.

Start your artistic development

Meet fellow pianists and pedagogues from different countries.

Our competition is a stepping stone into the professional world of music.

„Amadeus 1995 was the first competition I entered and the first one I succeeded in. That encouraged and movativated me to work even more and it was a great experience. I remember Brno and Amadeus fondly. May the contestants enjoy the beautiful music and have a lot of patience on their long road as musicians. I believe the Amadeus to be the perfect spring-board for the budding young pianists.

Lukáš Vondráček
absolute winner Amadeus 1995

General partner

The main prize for the absolute winner

Upright piano PETROF PN 126


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